Hardlab – Standard For The Cursed (CD Album – +Closer²)

By Feb 13,2019

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Genre/Influences: Experimental, minimal-EBM, techno-body, electro-ambient.

Background/Info: Hardlab is a new French duo dealing with minimal electronics inspired by techno, industrial and EBM. “Standard For The Cursed” is the band’s debut album released on +Closer²; the sub-division of Unknown Pleasures Records. The album was mainly recorded during jam sessions.

Content: The work is an electronic melting pot revealing electro-ambient influences while the main content is clearly reminding me of 80s influences. These tracks are more danceable and clearly inspired by EBM formats, dark-techno elements and industrial sound treatments. A few songs feature some vocal lines.

+ + + : The fusion between industrial, EBM and dark-techno has been successfully accomplished. There’s a harmony between the different influences while the industrial sound treatments –which you also find back in the heavy kicks, accentuate the darker side of the album. EBM lovers will be pleased discovering the solid bass lines. Globally speaking it especially is the minimal approach from the composition I really like.

– – – : I’m not convinced by the ‘ambient’ part of the work while some extra vocals would have added a little extra.

Conclusion: Hardlab is an interesting discovery dealing with familiar music genres that have been mixed together. It sometimes sounds a bit chaotic although featuring several noticeable cuts.

Best songs: “Naked Masked”, “Rust And Spells”, “Standard For The Cursed”, “Time Has Come”.

Rate: (7).

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