Hand In Waves – Burn Down In Tears (CD Album – Hand In Waves)

By Jun 28,2018

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Genre/Influences: Electro-pop.

Background/Info: Hand In Waves is a German electro-pop project driven by Felix F. I last year discovered this formation by the EP “Hover In Remedy” which revealed some interesting songs. After several digital EP’s Hand In Waves has now unleashed a self-released full length featuring 13 songs. The album has been mastered by Jan Loamfield who made me discover this band through his X-Beats Promotion service.

Content: I already noticed some common elements in the music of this project and the astral electro-pop of Mind.In.A.Box. Well, I think this comparison still makes sense although Hand In Waves hasn’t achieved a cheap emulation. This is cool and intelligent electro-pop music featuring moody atmospheres, cool leads, great sound effects and evasive vocals.

+ + + : If Hand In Waves is a name that still has to conquer the international electro-pop scene I can assure you this album has a real huge potential to fulfill all expectations. The songs are well-crafted, revealing great composing skills and an efficient space-pop sound. The songs have been composed with great leads and cool effects. I also enjoy the melancholic flavor hanging over the album. This is a delicate and refreshing electro-pop work. For so far I can see Hand In Waves has composed new songs for this album instead of putting all EP-track on CD.

– – – : I’m convinced Hand In Waves has the potential to become a real renowned formation. I’m maybe missing some little details in the global production.

Conclusion: If you want to discover an interesting new electro-pop formation dealing with a personal style I can hardly recommend this promising debut album by Hand In Waves.

Best songs: “Tears Become Shards”, “A Place Like Home”, “Frenemy”, “We Die Unborn”, “Dare To Sleep”.

Rate: (7½).

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