Ghost Twin – Plastic Heart (CD Album – Artoffact Records)

By Sep 21,2017

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Genre/Influences: Electro-wave, wave-pop.

Background/Info: Ghost Twin is a male-female duo from Canada, which after a few EP’s have achieved their debut album featuring 11 songs.

Content: The sound reveals multiple influences, which are moving from electronics to new-wave to ethereal (for the vocals) to gothic. All these elements have been harmoniously merged together carried by a professional production work.

All the influences are complementary with each other, which is an important aspect that also comes through in the vocals. The music features blasting sounds and delicate arrangements. The duality becomes here again very complementary. There’re multiple beautiful and well-crafted songs featured at “Plastic Heart”.

+ + + : I really had a crush listening to Ghost Twin. This album is not really belonging to an established music style, but reassembles different influences. In the end it all sounds harmonious, original and simply artistic. The band has great writing skills, but the entire production process is simply professional. It’s quite refreshing to hear songs made of ethereal, gothic and electronic influences. “Chymical Wedding “sounds as the ultimate song to illustrate the beauty of this work. From heavenly (female) vocals to impressive electronic treatments this work sounds as a relief when you’re used to hear bands dealing with similar music ideas.

– – – : The avant-garde sound of Ghost Twin will maybe their main difficulty to seduce a wider audience stuck in their familiar and favorite genre.

Conclusion: Ghost Twin sounds like the first Spring breeze after a cold and endless Winter. This is a beautiful and deeply artistic work I can only, but highly recommend.

Best songs: “Chymical Wedding”, “Plastic Heart”, “Saturn Swallows The Sun”, “Mystic Sabbath”, “Blue Room”.

Rate: (9).

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