Genetic Transmission – Spójrzcie Пожалуйста, Jakie Piękne Macie Gęby (CD Album – Zoharum)

By Feb 22,2019

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Genre/Influences: Experimental, industrial, abstract.

Background/Info: Polish experimentalist Tomasz Twardawa has been releasing ‘music’ for more than 20 years now. Zoharum started to re-release the back catalogue and this opus originally released in 2002 on Die Schöne Blumen Musik Werk, is the fifth one in the series. The artwork is a little bit different from the original although you’ll recognize the front picture taken from a painting of our Belgian surrealist- and symbolist painter James Ensor.

Content: Genetic Transmission always has been an ‘extreme’ sound experience. We’re getting pretty close to the ‘anti-music’ artists from the early 80s, which throughout the years has been renamed into ‘noise’. All kinds of noises and sounds have been brought together creating a kind of abstract improvisation. Mixing industrial noises with different kinds of field recordings you rapidly get the feeling of  being imprisoned in a truly and endless sound labyrinth.

+ + + : This kind of sound is meant for the real lovers of experimental-, abstract- and improvisation music. Genetic Transmission is an expert in the genre and this work is a non-stop succession of heavy sound treatments and pure noise. The field recordings are sometimes surprising and I especially refer to the melody of a music box suddenly emerging at the surface.

– – – : I have to admit I’m not a big lover of this kind of experiments. The composition rapidly falls into a state of chaos; there’s no way in between: you gone like it or not!

Conclusion: Genetic Transmission stands for an extreme sound sensation meant to entertain extreme melomaniacs.

Best songs: “Untitled 3”.

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