Vidna Obmana – The Surreal Sanctuary / The Contemporary Nocturne (DCD Album – Zoharum)

By Feb 22,2019

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Genre/Influences: Ambient, experimental, soundscape.

Background/Info: Zoharum takes us back in time. Both albums were originally released in 2000 on Hypnos. Dirk Serries has remastered both works while the artwork also is totally different from the original works.

Content: Vidna Obmana always has been a very unique experience in sound. Definitely devoted to an experimental-/ambient music universe, both albums totally fit to the original creation of the Belgian composer. Electronics and guitar playing both have been manipulated creating a sonic mist accentuated by some extra sounds and instruments. The flute is an essential instrument on both albums.

Sometimes evasive, mysterious, and even dark, the work of Vidna Obmana leads the listener into confusion. Some long-duration pieces feel a bit like an endless walk throughout unknown territories. Notice by the way some famous guests such as Steve Roach, Joris De Backer (Principle Of Silence) and Jim Cole contributed to some parts of the work.

+ + + : I think it was a good idea to re-release both albums together. The global approach and sound atmosphere supporting both releases are fully complementary. I like the great 8-panel digipak of the work. Sound-wise Vidna Obmana always has been mysterious, intriguing and rather unique in its genre. The overtone flute parts accentuates the mystery hanging over this work. I enjoy the baleful aspect of the work, which has been marvelously illustrated at “The First Coil” and “Jewel Of The Underground”.

– – – : Some tracks are really long and a bit monotonous after a while. Just pay attention for “The Fragmented Dome” and “Flame” and you’ll maybe get the same impression.

Conclusion: If there’s one word that comes into mind after the listening of both albums it would be definitely: ‘abyssal’! You get the impression of diving into a deep sonic ocean made of endless corridors and unsolvable mysteries.

Best songs: “Jewel Of The Underground”, “The First Coil” + “Revelation”, “A Platform Of Sorrow”.

Rate: (7).


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