Machinefabriek With Anne Bakker – Short Scenes (CD Album – Zoharum)

By Feb 20,2019

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Genre/Influences: Experimental, soundtrack, neo-classic.

Background/Info: “Short Scenes” resulted from the common efforts of experimentalist Rutger Zuydervelt (Machinefabriek) and professional violinist & viola player Anne Bakker. They both were working on the composition of a soundtrack, but the cuts featured at this album didn’t appear at the score. Machinefabriek finalized some improvisation cuts by Anne Bakker.

Content: The result is totally soundtrack-like. There’s no single doubt about that. The work features 20 short cuts, which are mainly driven by the neo-classic violin and viola. Some passages are pretty dark, but mainly supported with emotions.

+ + + : I like the sound of both instruments, which according to me are some of the most authentic instruments in history. You get the impression to hear the soul of the artist through the instrument. It’s sensitive and definitely authentic.

– – – : I’m missing some visual content here. That’s precisely what soundtracks are all about; they are part of a wider entity and this work is missing its visual part. The tracks are also pretty fragmented, sometimes too short and unaccomplished.

Conclusion: I like the idea and the sound behind this work, but as the title indicates, it remains ‘short scenes’ like the teaser of a real accomplished work.

Best songs: “Scene 3”.

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