Future Perfect – After The Fall (CD Album – Conzoom Records)

By Mar 13,2016

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Genre/Influences: Electro-pop, wave-pop.

Future PerfectBackground/Info: Future Perfect probably is not the most popular and recognized duo from the electro-pop scene and yet I’ve always believed they deserves a bit more cognition. Driven by Simon and Rebecca Owen, the British formation joined hands with Conzoom Records to unleash their 3rd opus.

Content: Future Perfect claims to be inspired by Mesh, which is not exactly a recognizable element in their work. “After The Fall” deals with a rough and somewhat unpolished pop format mixing the complementary vocals of Simon and Rebecca. There are several kinds of intermezzos in between the songs.

The main aspect of the new work is carried by danceable kicks and well-crafted choruses while space-like sweeps and cool bleeping sequences are accomplishing the work. A few retro-pop elements can be noticed as well, but globally speaking Future Perfect composes an efficient mix of past- and contemporary electro-pop standards.

The album also reveals 3 bonus tracks, which are remixes plus a hidden instrumental version of “Fall”.

+ + + : I like the complementary aspect of the vocals –although I have a little preference for Rebecca’s timbre of voice. I also enjoyed the somewhat rough electro-pop format; pop music not always needs to be clean and crystal-clear.

– – – : Both intermezzo-cuts are not exactly the most exciting parts of the work while the remixes are not adding anything extra to the album.

Conclusion: I get the impression that Future Perfect tries to evolve in sound, maybe reinventing a side of their work. I like the rough format although I’m missing some elements of their melodic past work.

Best songs: “Neo Rom Com”, “Excess”, “Protect And Survive”.

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