Bvried – Ephemeral (Digital Album – Bvried)

By Mar 11,2016

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Genre/Influences: Dark-ambient, soundscape.

B V R I E DBackground/Info: I didn’t get that much info about this Bvried ‘DIY’ ambient band. It seems that a few previous productions got released and that a new album is already in the pipeline.

Content: “Ephemeral” features 6 compositions, which from start on lead the visitor into a somber universe of endless sound waves and chilling ambiances. There’s a prescription to discover this work consisting of darkening your room, using headphones, pressing the play button and playing it at highest possible volume and finally leaving everything behind you. This is generally the best way to get exposed at dark-ambient music, but it’s an essential aspect.

It will get you the opportunity to seize some little noises and variations among the monotonous soundscape layers. It’s a fascinating universe appealing for some visual content, which makes it all a bit cinematographic-like.

+ + + : Playing it loud as possible by using headphones is not exactly a friendly procedure for your tympana, but the use of a headphone will give you the opportunity to discover the real strength of this work, which sounds like hiding deep within.

– – – : The tracks are missing a true climax, which is the main, missing aspect of this work. Some of the cuts are abruptly stopped, which sometimes sounds pretty trash.

Conclusion: Bvried belongs to this growing group of ‘do it yourself’ artists keeping the control over all aspects of their work and, which stand for a kind of ‘contemporary underground’ music.  This work however reveals an interesting dark-ambient approach.

Best songs: “Drowning”, “Tragedy In My Blood”.

Rate: (6½).




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