Frontier Guards – You (CD Album – Aliens Production)

By Jul 14,2019

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Genre/Influences: Electro-ambient, IDM, down-tempo.

Background/Info: Martin Pavlik is now active under the Frontier Guards moniker for several years. After two great debut albums released on Aliens Production he next released an album on UTSC and another on Advoxya Records. For his fifth opus inspired by nature and the universe he joined back hands again with Frontier Guards.

Content: The sound and inspiration of this artist hasn’t really changed, but the global sound production has seriously evolved. The compositions are driven by slow rhythms and sophisticated sound treatments, mixing different influences like IDM, ambient and industrial. Most of the songs have something space-like while refined with piano-like passages.

+ + + : “You” is a masterpiece when it comes to sophisticated and intelligent electronic music. I always have liked the work of this artist, but “You” is probably his opus magnum! The sound treatments blow me away and are filled with endless little sonic details, the atmospheres create a strong visual appeal and the global sound production is high-tech! There are numerous great pieces featured at “You”.

– – – : The sound formula running through the songs are pretty similar, but you don’t hear me complain!

Conclusion: “You” is an absolute masterpiece appealing for all lovers of visionary electronic music! Simply brilliant!

Best songs: “Shelter”, “Essence”, “Synapse”, “You”, “Calm”, “Oasis”, “Hope”.

Rate: (9).

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