Foretaste – Happy End! (Album – BOREDOMproduct)

By Apr 12,2021

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Genre/Influences: Electro-Pop.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: The previous Foretaste-album was released in 2016. The sixth album “Happy End!” got preceded by the EP “Lost: Run!” which let us discover three songs that are featured on this new opus. “Happy End!” has been composed and accomplished during the disastrous pandemic year of 2020.

Content: Does the title of this album reflect a positive plot of the pandemic? That’s at least what this album seems to indicate, but sound-wise it doesn’t sound at all as the most ‘happy’ work from the French formation. The songs are darker, sometimes even a bit Experimental while some sound treatments remind me of a ‘poppy version’ of Die Form. This is pure, retro-like Electro-Pop recovered by doom atmospheres, but created by delicate and sensitive sound treatments. Just a few songs are more danceable, the main part of the tracklist remaining more Experimental and filled with total minimalism. One track (cf. “Robotic blues”) sounds a bit Cinematographic and is mainly sung guest singer JB (Dekad) while the female vocals by Creature XX remain the lead.

+ + + : Foretaste didn’t repeat themselves although you still easily recognize the band’s typical sound. This is robotic-pop music, which is more into Minimalism and Experimentalism than ever before. I’m not surprised the best songs of the album are the ones, which are a little bit more danceable (cf. “Lost For Seven Years” and “Happy End!”). The main strength of the band is the very unique and intelligent composition. Foretaste is not exactly a band you can compare to another, but they clearly sound in the purest tradition of BOREDOMproduct and their label mates of Celluloide.

– – – : “Happy End!” is not what I would call the most accessible work from this formation. It’s more sophisticated and still into Experimentalism, which will maybe not catch the attention of a wider audience.

Conclusion: “Happy End!” is an album without compromise; it doesn’t sound happy at all and yet you are quickly going to like the dark Electronic moods of Foretaste.

Best songs: “Lost For Seven Years”, “Happy End!”, “Pure Madness”, “In My Game”.

Rate: (7).


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