Flowers For Bodysnatchers – Infernal Beyond (Album – Cryo Chamber)

By Apr 26,2021

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Genre/Influences: Cinematographic, Dark-Ambient.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: Australian artist Duncan Ritchie released his latest work of Flowers For Bodysnatchers at the end of last year. After the very personal “Alive With Scars” he brings a new album inspired by the fire, which consumed on the night of July 1st, 1971 Ravenfield Asylum located in Fairhaven, Massachusetts (USA). Two bodies were never found; these from Ernest Semenov and his treating psychiatrist Dr. Richard Lankin. ‘Semenov was committed by the state and declared criminally insane for the brutal occult like murder of his wife and two daughters in 1968. The mysterious disappearance of Semenov and Dr. Lankin has since sparked fear and superstition in the small township’.

Content: Flowers For Bodysnatchers moves on exploring Dark –and especially for this release, obscure, Cinematographic paths. The album takes off with an exciting and strong visual piece, where you get the impression of entering into a mysterious world. Some iron noises accentuate the anguishing environment created by the author. The tracklist features isolated piano playing, reminding me of good-old haunted house horror movies. Screams of horror are resonating in the background, like emerging from the cellars in fire. The work comes to an end with a delicate outro with some piano.  

+ + + : First there’s this fascinating theme, which I only discovered when I listened to the album. Well, I must admit Duncan Ritchie has a natural talent to match a concept with his music. The album has a strong visual appeal, creating a horror-like composition, which is masterly accentuated by Industrial noises and sampled screams. It’s a ghost-like experience intermixed with delicate, but haunting piano parts. The tracks have been meticulously crafted and especially the debut- and last tracks of the work are brilliant.

– – – : I think this work is not the best I’ve heard from this project although it remains a fascinating experience in sound. After a real strong debut part I expected a true climax, which didn’t totally come through.

Conclusion: This album is built around an anguishing and inspiring theme, which has been once again masterly accomplished by Flowers For Bodysnatchers. This album probably is the most cinematographic from the artist.

Best songs: “We Are The Lure”, “Underval”, “All That We Are”, “Until The End Of Carnival”.

Rate: (8).




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