First Aid 4 Souls – Trashcathedral (CD Album – Exabyss Records/Electro Arc)

By Oct 29,2016

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Genre/Influences: EBM.

First Aid 4 SoulsBackground/Info: First Aid 4 Souls is the sonic brainchild of Hungarian artist István Gazdag (aka ‘Vacuum’). Set up in the early 90s and mainly meant to support bigger bands during live performances, it took a while for First Aid 4 Souls get some recognition. The band often worked with guest singers, but “Trahscathedral” might be a new beginning as it features singer ‘Mortum’ (Human Vault) while a few cuts have been sung by Gazdag himself. “Trashcathedral” features 7 songs plus 5 alternative edits.

Content: The EBM element has often been very present in the work of First Aid 4 Souls, but this might be the first album where the sound becomes really compact. It’s the kind of EBM reminding me of Frontline Assembly. The tracks are elaborated and accomplished with a little touch of genius.

The songs are pretty dark, which is mainly emerging from the atmospheres hanging over the songs. The song reveals great sound treatments, groovy sequences, vibrating sound waves and some bombast. There’s an interesting progression running throughout the songs which reaches a climax on “Dark Horizon”.

+ + + : This is the kind of EBM inspired music reflecting intelligence. The sound sculptures are brilliant while the writing stands for complexity mixed with efficiency. I’m often getting the impression of getting back to some work of FLA, but in a more evasive approach. The vocals inject an extra spooky element, which fits with the global atmospheric approach.

– – – : First Aid 4 Souls is maybe not exactly the kind of music that would find its place on dancefloors. That’s for sure a pity when it concerns EBM-orientated music. Some alternative edits featured on this album could have been a bit more club-minded.

Conclusion: “Trashcathedral” is a fascinating piece of music, which for EBM sounds refreshing and composed by original sound treatments. It’s pure pleasure listening to this kind of music.

Best songs: “Dark Horizon”, “New Sensation”, “Event Horizon”, “Retrogression”, “Trashcathedral – Deep Heat”.

Rate: (8½).

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