Factice Factory – Nada (CD Album – Factice Records)

By Apr 3,2016

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Genre/Influences: Minimal-electronics, wave-pop, cold-wave.

Background/Info: I honestly never heard of Factice Factory before this album, which is their second. Behind this French-Swiss formation is hiding Fabrice Lefebvre who’s the front-man of the ethereal-ritual Rajna. One of the other members is his son Théotime Lefebvre.

Content: I’m an early adapt of Rajna, but all I can say is that Factice Factory has nothing in common with Rajna. This is a totally different band with other influences, which brings us back to the 80s. “Nada” sounds like pure nostalgia, mixing elements like electro-pop, minimal-electronics, cold-wave and a few more elements for the ride.

The typical cold and icy atmospheres clearly evoke the tormented 80s decade, which however remains one of the most creative periods in music history. The songs have been carried by sober and obscure resonating bass lines and the typical sound of an old rhythm box. The analogue electronics are awakening some 80s ghosts while the somewhat sterile way of singing only reinforces the magic of the new/cold-wave genre. There’s a nice and typically French accent emerging from the vocals, which are sung in English and German.

A few female backing vocal guest singers contributed to the album as well and we here can hear Jeanne Lefebvre (the beautiful Rajna voice) among other singers.

+ + + : The Lefebvre clan took me by surprise releasing a meaningful and well-crafted work totally devoted to the 80s. It’s absolutely well-crafted and credible.

– – – : The only element this album is maybe missing is a kind of hit!

Conclusion: The 80s remain a never-ending source of inspiration, but not all the bands have enough genius to bring it to life with the real true spirit. Factice Factory did it in style!

Best songs: “Lodged feat. Kriistal Ann”, “L’Aurore”, “Mask feat. Lisette Schoenly”, “Tonband”.

Rate: (7½).



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