Eusebeia, Atiq & Arlow – Transfiguration (EP – Mindtrick Records)

By Sep 19,2020

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Genre/Influences: Drum’n’Bass, IDM, ambient.

Format: Digital, Vinyl.

Background/Info: “Transfiguration” is an EP featuring British project Eusebeia, which for the two first songs joined hands together with Atiq from The Netherlands (and label owner of Mindtrick records) and for the two last songs together with Italian project Arlow.

Content: Both songs together with Atiq reveal a fusion between d’n’b loops and a more ambient sound atmosphere. It feels pretty evasive although there’s something dark in the background. This darkness really emerges at the surface on the tracks together with Arlow while the deep resonating bass lines have been accentuated        as well.

+ + + : I often experienced d’n’b music as powerful, repetitive sequences, which are hard to mix with other elements. And that’s precisely what this record is trying to achieve. The ambient aspect has something unexpected, but creating a mysterious sphere, which becomes haunting at the first cut together with Arlow.

– – – : I like these kinds of concepts although I prefer to hear all of these projects separately. The tracks feel a little less repetitive creating a sterile composition.

Conclusion: I like the idea behind this work although I expected a bit more out of it! This is not my favorite Mindtrick release.

Best songs: “Matter”, “Transfiguration”.

Rate: (6½).

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