Atiq & Enk – Paradigm (EP – Mindtrick Records)

By Apr 4,2020

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Genre/Influences: IDM, cinematographic.

Format: Digital.

Background/Info: Guido van den Brink (Atiq, Mindtrick Records label owner) and Pim Arnoldus (Enk) have already released a few productions together, but “Paradigm” is their first new experiment since the albums “Fear Of The Unknown” (2013) and “Embracing The Unknown” (2014).

Content: Time goes fast, but some values remain! “Paradigm” remains faithful to the earlier productions from this duo dealing with IDM. The work features 5 cuts, which are characterized by deep, blasting bass sounds, minimal bleeps, and astral synth lines and down tempo rhythms.  Zinovia Arvanitidi has been asked to sing on one of the tracks (cf. “Moth”) while Tangent (another familiar project from the Mindtrick roster) has been featured at the last cut (cf. “Redemption”). One of the tracks (cf. “Leviathan”) is moving into a more cinematic experiment.   

+ + + : This EP (or mini-album) is a remarkable comeback from this talented duo. Atiq & Enk are complementary artists and should just consider never making music without each other! The sound intelligence and global minimalism of the composition both remain intact; the magic is still operating. You can hear it throughout the blasting bass sounds, but still the little sonic effects –which are more noticeable by using headphones, confirm the genius of the project.

– – – : The main point with intelligent electronics is that it only catches the attention of a restricted number of music lovers. I can only encourage the duo to move on and hopefully release a new full length album.

Conclusion: Atiq & Enk belongs to this imaginary list of visionary electronic artists; musicians who only look forward opening paths for the further generations of composers!

Best songs: “Relativity”, “Within The Realm Of My Headlight”, “Moth”.

Rate: (8).

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