Tukt – I Have Achieved Nothing (Album – Tukt)

By Sep 19,2020

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Genre/Influences: EBM, industrial.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: Tukt is a Swedish electro project based in Stockholm. Tukt deliberately chose to do everything on their own like a pure DIY band.

Content: I didn’t know what to expect about Tukt, but discovered a powerful electronic outburst mixing heavy EBM and industrial/crossover music. While the opening song is total fury with enraged vocals we next get a solid EBM bass line with dark sound on top. Tukt is constantly moving in between their different sources of inspiration, but in the end this work will mainly appeal to tough EBM lovers. It sounds a bit like the imaginary hybrid between NIN and Nitzer Ebb.

+ + + : Tukt is dealing with a personalized format of EBM. You for sure will recognize some influences you might link to other bands, but in the end the work has something apart. And that’s because of the furious industrial implant, which is totally insane and violent. My favorite songs is the elaborated EBM cut “No Sense Of Decency” and “The Fuck I Give” carried by a solid chorus.

– – – : I think there can be a bit more cohesion between the different influences running through this album. You sometimes get the impression there are two formations in one.

Conclusion: Tukt stands for a violent interpretation of EBM and I like this merciless and shameless approach. 

Best songs: “No Sense Of Decency”, “The Fuck I Give”, “Sodom”, “Affliction”.

Rate: (7½).



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