Escupemetralla – Quiero Ser Guitarra De Esplendor Geometrico 1994 / 25 Años De Paz Remezclas 2019 (2 Albums – Novak)

By May 14,2020

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Genre/Influences:  Industrial, EBM, experimental, minimal-electro.

Format: Digital, Double CD.

Background/Info: Spanish project Escupemetralla was mainly active during the 80s and 90s. the Spanish Novak label already released some forgotten productions from this formation. This opus is totally different. It’s rather a kind of remix-album featuring twenty five songs. The main idea was to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the band’s songs “Quiero Ser Guitarra De Esplendor Geometrico”, which was featured at a compilation (cf. “Noise Club 1”). It has nothing to do with Esplendor Geometrico, but was just a funny title, which can be translated as “I Wanna Be Esplendor Geometrico’s Guitarist”). The title was also inspired from another Spanish song while “25 Años De Paz Remezclas” refers to a district in Barcelona that was inaugurated during the Franco dictatorship in 1964 to celebrate the years that has passed since it was violently set up.

Content: The title song of the album is the one that has been remixed by most artists. But there also is a remastered version from Escupemetralla from 2019 revealing the electro-minimalism of the song. The song has been remixed by a majority of less familiar artists although you’ll also find Rapoon and Esplendor Geometrico among the list.

The work also features other songs so in the end it all feels a bit like a compilation album mixed with remixes.

+ + + : I like the minimalism from the title song, but still some of the remixes by Esplendor Geometrico, Jet7, Rapoon, Anki Toner and Permutation. Escupemetralla did a cool remix as well. From EBM to industrial- to experimental music, this album covers a wide range of influences and is a fully enjoyable experience.

– – – : This work reveals a weird concept. I’m not convinced by some of the most experimental tracks, but globally speaking this album is a way to discover interesting names. 

Conclusion: Novak moves on to make us (re)discover a forgotten and less familiar project from the Spanish industrial scene.

Best songs: “Quiero Ser Guitarra De Esplendor Geometrico – Permutation Remix”, “Quiero Ser Guitarra De Esplendor Geometrico – 25 Años de Paz Remix”, Jet7    “Quiero  Ser  Remezcla   De Escumetralla”, “Quiero Ser Guitarra De Esplendor Geometrico – Rapoon Remix”, Ō Paradis “Indiscriminada”.

Rate: (7).

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