Electric)Noise(Machine – Pardon (Vinyl Album – Black Basset Records/ I For Us Records)

By Aug 14,2015

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Genre/Influences: Dead-pop, industrial-hard-core, metal-punk.

Electric)Noise(MachineContent: Ladies and gentlemen get ready to endure a severe sonic earthquake called Electric)Noise(Machine. This trio defines their music as ‘dead-pop’ and I can only understand this definition as the ultimate assault to kill pop music.

“Pardon” features 6 songs that left me breathless. I don’t know what dead-pop is all about, but I noticed several elements running through their compositions, which move from industrial to hard-core to punk to metal. This band simply brings all these elements together and from the very first notes you’ll feel exposed to a sonic monster. Not many instruments were used, but everything has been manipulated and transformed.

I like most of the bass lines, which sometimes remind me to the harder work of Chemical Brothers. And if you consider Chemical Brothers as sexy music, I can assure you that Electric)Noise(Machine is pure sonic porn! The murderous bass lines have been joined by hardcore sound treatments. There’s no real moment of relief, but just rage. Just imagine a musical hybrid between Chemical Brothers, Combichrist and hardcore to get an idea about “Pardon”.

Except the somewhat softer –but can we speak about soft here, “Salt” all other songs left are fully filled with testosterone.

Conclusion: This band is a great discovery and a real sound monster. “Pardon” is a smasher in modern ‘noise’ creation.

Best songs: “Lights Out”, “The Second Paper”, “hAnds”.

Rate: (DP:8)DP.


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