Polygon – Sein Lernen (CD Album – Aliens Production)

By Aug 15,2015

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Genre/Influences: IDM, electro-ambient, glitch.

PolygonContent: Behind Polygon hides Ingo Lindmeier. Maybe the name of this artist doesn’t ring a bell, but some of you will for sure remember the great Mortal Constraint, which was a real reference in intelligent dark-electronics during the midst of the 90s. Lindmeier also got involved in other projects like the somewhat space-minded and ambient Polyspace.

Polygon is the latest musical creation of this musician and we might say a kind of comeback. Aliens Production remains to me one of the absolute leading labels in terms of intelligent electronics and so I was really excited to discover this album.

Polygon has nothing in common with the sound and influences of the aforementioned bands Lindmeier has been member of. This work reflects a more minimal and intimate view of the artist, which is characterized by a mix of harsh industrial sound treatments at one side and refined, subtle arrangements at the other side. “Sein Lernen” sounds a bit like the meeting point between opposites, but it’s a cocktail that really works. The compositions are moving from IDM-inspired passages towards accessible experimental outbursts to somewhat cinematographic minded creations.

The use of piano arrangements is one of the main characteristics of the work. It injects a deeply artistic touch to the work, which creates a rather unexpected fusion with the dark droning drum sounds and the haunting synth atmospheres. You also can feel the passion of Ingo Lindmeier for sound creation. It also was an element you maybe remember from his earlier career and, which is now really emerging from the production. You now can hear deep sound blasts, mysterious sound passages, and a festival of sound effects.

The songs feature rather relaxing and half spoken German vocals. This is an interesting aspect, which together with the slower cadence reminds me a bit of the legendary Endraum. The main difference between both bands is the rawer and industrial elements hanging over the songs.

Conclusion: Polygon is an interesting discovery, which will be probably not be totally accessible for a wider audience, but will be appealing to the usual adepts of Aliens Production.

Best songs: “Kalter Fleck”, “Tag Ohne Gestern”, “Autophobie”, “Der Lügner”, “Sein Lassen”.

Rate: (DP:8)DP.

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