EFF DST – Out Of Body (CD Album – Hymen Records)

By Sep 21,2018

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Genre/Influences: Experimental, IDM, industrial.

Background/Info: Some people know Dmitry Stepnov as a member of the body-pop formation Diffuzion while others know him as the operator behind EFF DST. Based in Belarus EFF DST has self-released 2 albums while “Out Of Body” is the second opus released on Hymen Records.

Content: EFF DST is mixing different influences, but in the end this artist clearly belongs to the visionary electronic sound engineers dealing with IDM and related genres. From heavy bombast and industrial sound treatments to slower rhythms and refined arrangements with great synth parts on top, this album is mixing opposites together. Sometimes moving into trance and next bringing the listener into a dreamy universe, “Out Of Body” remains a very eclectic electronic release.

+ + + : It’s hard to say if the main basis of this album is industrial-like, but it however sounds to me like a modern industrial format composed with intelligent sound treatments. I like the opposites running through this work, which in the end became part of a real homogeneous production. I like the strings hanging over the tracks. It creates an exciting atmosphere, but the work also remains an exposure of this artist sound intelligence. This music belongs to the growing visionary electro approach from modern artists.

– – – : I know it’s a very personal perception, but I imagine this album with a few samplings and/or vocal parts, which I think would give a little extra to the production.

Conclusion: If you’re tired of the typical harsh industrial- and other rhythmic-noise production, you better pay attention for EFF DST symbolizing the modern industrial sound format!

Best songs: “Punch Header”, “Ripped Rise”, “Silent Reflections”, “Blind Faith”.

Rate: (7½).


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