Dole – Live (CD Album – Wool-E Discs)

By Aug 22,2019

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Genre/Influences: Rock-wave, dark-rock.

Background/Info: Dole is a French formation that was mainly active in between 1979 and 1987. They were signed to the legendary Play It Again Sam on, which they released a few singles and the album “The Speed Of Hope”. During the past few years they’re active again; mainly playing live performances, but a new single seems to be in the pipeline. “Live” brings ten songs of the band back to life. These songs have been recorded during three live shows in 2018.

Content: The album is an opportunity to (re)discover Dole. Even if they weren’t the most famous and successful formation from PIAS, their sound definitely belong to the 80s. Some songs remind me of Echo & The Bunnymen while other, softer cuts evoke the dark-romantic spirit of Lloyd Cole & The Commotions. One of the songs entitled “Johnny Don’t Cry” is a wink to the decade they’ve been active in; it features a passage of New Order’s “Blue Monday”, and also Frankie Goes To Hollywood ao. You’ll also discover a new song.

+ + + : This kind of production is first of all an interesting work to (re)discover an 80s band from the PIAS stable, but it’s also a gift for the fans of the band. They get some of the band’s early ‘hits’/singles. You clearly hear the sound is retro-like, but it still makes sense and it has been played by experienced musicians who clearly had some fun being on stage together. I like the saxophone part running through “Thirds Man”.

– – – : It’s maybe a bit tricky to release a live album after years of silence and I maybe would have preferred to get a ‘best of’ featuring remastered versions, but the fans will be pleased.

Conclusion: Dole is for sure a somewhat forgotten band from the 80s, which has been recovered from dust by “Live”.

Best songs: “A Day”, “The Dream”, “Rumroad”, “Third Man”.

Rate: (7).

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