Dolàn Xakò – Parallela (CD Album – Dolàn Xakò)

By Jan 10,2017

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Genre/Influences: Experimental, trip-hop, hip-hop, folk.

Dolàn XakòBackground/Info: Dolàn Xakò is a French artist who has already released an impressive number of EP’s. This solo-project is mainly inspired by elements of hip-hop music merged with samplings taken from old Occitànian releases (which is a beautiful part of France with a very unique language). “Parallela” reveals 11 songs.

Content: This creation is something really weird, but creative. The hip-hop and sometimes trip-hop styles have been merged with folk-like elements taken from the Occitànian culture. It’s a rather strange concept, which has been accomplished with pure experimental elements like the pitched vocal and chant parts.

“Parallela” becomes the offspring between electronic manipulations and traditional music inspiration. Both together are definitely experimental and even somewhat abstract-minded. Next to the numerous manipulated vocals’ samplings you also get a song with real vocals featuring a rapper.

+ + + : This is not exactly the most common format of hip-hop music, but a kind of hybrid between opposite styles. It’s not that new to see artists bringing different styles together, but I have to admit that it works. It creates a visionary and somewhat industrial-like approach. I like the folk element, but also the multiple sound and sampling treatments.

– – – : The album is not the most traditional and therefore not the most accessible. It remains a strange mixture.

Conclusion: Dolàn Xakò is hard to grasp although it’s an artist with an interesting and creative approach. This is another side of hip-hop!

Best songs: “Si Io Sabiá Volar”, “Introduccion”, “Mazurca Parallela”.

Rate: (6½).



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