Dødsmaskin – Ingenting (CD Album – Cyclic Law)

By Aug 30,2018

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Genre/Influences: Dark-ambient, noise, experimental.

Background/Info: The album “Fullstendig Brennt” from the Norwegian project is considered as their official debut full length. But the real debut album was finished in 2015, but never got a proper release. Cyclic Law welcomed Dødsmaskin by releasing this work called “Ingenting”.

Content: I have to admit I became an instant admirer of this project so this album is an interesting opportunity to realize how it all started for Dødsmaskin. You can clearly hear that “Ingenting” has served as basis to move on with. The tracks reveal this dark and obscure ambient format, but it definitely sounds more experimental and noise-like.

“Ingenting” has a strong visual appeal while the experimental side has been accomplished by multiple field recordings (and/or samplings) mixed with a wide range of noises. The work ends in a heavy noise capharnäum, which is also typical for “Fiende” the other album released by Cyclic Law nearly at the same time as this one).

+ + + : This work has a strong visual appeal, which brings the listener to imagine the most horrible and maybe perverted thoughts. It’s simply fascinating to realize how the simple power of music can bring a listener to imagine dark themes. But “Ingenting” is more than simply a ‘visual’ work; it also is an album revealing the potential of this duo. This potential and the growing maturity have brought them to compose “Fullstendig Brennt”.

– – – : You can feel that “Ingenting” moves back to a period where Dødsmaskin was still in search to find and improve their own style. It’s definitely not their best release, but an interesting sonic ‘documentary’ for the band’s fan basis.

Conclusion: “Ingenting” will probably not become Dødsmaskin’s referential work, but it reveals the ideas the band should elaborate on moving forward.

Best songs: “Endelikt”, “Aske”.

Rate: (7).


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