Digital Factor – A Chemical Process (Album – Alfa Matrix)

By May 5,2021

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Genre/Influences: EBM, Body-Pop, Minimal-Electro.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: The new Digital Factor album is the first one in ten years! The German project gained some recognition during the 90s –releasing their work on Hyperium, and the first decade of the new millennium.  Mike Langer last year struck back unleashing the EP “Come With Me” on Alfa Matrix and is now back on track with the project’s eighth album to date. The album has been written and released in collaboration with Austrian bassist and guitarist Georg Kostron.

Content: I should say that the album moves on in the same vein as the EP. Digital Factor is no longer dealing with its familiar and powerful EBM sound formula, the songs becoming more minimal-like although still driven by EBM reminiscences. The work is now more subtle and also intimate. The work is driven by solid choruses. Notice by the way there are 2 extra songs at the CD-edit featuring a remix by Saint Paul plus the song “Into My Eyes”.

+ + + : I was not entirely convinced by the “Come With Me”-EP, but this album definitely sounds worthy of examination. Digital Factor has renewed its sound, creating an intimate and intelligent Minimal-EBM format. This minimalism is emerging from the subtle sound treatments and bleeps. Some songs like “Systematic” and “Reason To Live” took me by surprise, mixing sensual vibes and danceable elements. Another attention grabber is the somewhat Chemical Brothers reminding “I Am Dangerous”.

– – – : I sometimes miss a little bit more power, this album being not a dancefloor killer! I’m afraid EBM die-hard fans will be disappointed.

Conclusion: Digital Factor strikes back with style, but still with a different, refreshing EBM sound.

Best songs: “Systematic”, “Reason To Live”, “I Am Dangerous”, “Come With Me”, “Noone On The Line”.

Rate: (8).

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