Ludovico Technique release music video ‘Becoming Numb’

By May 6,2021

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Ludovico Technique release music video'Becoming Numb'

Gothic/industrial metal artists Ludovico Technique have released their newest single and music video “Becoming Numb”. This is the fourth single released from their forthcoming full-length album “Haunted People”.

About Ludovico Technique

The name for the band itself stems from the drug-assisted aversion therapy found in the novel and film “A Clockwork Orange”, in which the patient is forced to view violent imagery while injected with experimental medication in an attempt to condition the subjects behavior.

The band released their self titled debut EP in 2010 and offered their debut album “Some Things Are Beyond Therapy” in 2012. Both this album and the follow-up “We Came to Wreck Everything” in 2013 were released by Metropolis Records worldwide. This was followed by the single “Absence”.

After a long hiatus the band resurfaced in 2020 releasing “Live As Myself”, the first of 4 singles from their newest album.

Here’s the band’s newest 4th single, “Becoming Numb”.


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