Deutsch Nepal – Staring At My Wall (CD Album – Entartete Musikk)

By Nov 16,2019

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Genre/Influences: Industrial, dark-ambient.

Background/Info: Swedish industrial veteran Peter Andersson aka ‘Lina Baby Doll‘ is back on track unleashing his newest opus featuring eight songs. 

Content: “Staring At My Wall” moves on where previous releases left off. Lina Baby Doll moves back to some early influences of industrial music, but he also takes care to support his songs with an overwhelming dark atmosphere. There’s an interesting progression in the songwriting, which also reveals a few minimal-electro passages (cf. “Amphibian Shadow”), vague tribal passages (cf. “Pasolini”) and even a pure old-fashioned industrial sound (cf. “Let Go And Slip Away”) reminding me of Throbbing Gristle. On top of the songs you also will hear the charismatic vocals of Lina Baby Doll.   

+ + + : Deutsch Nepal always has been rather unique in its genre. There for sure is a link with old-school industrial music, but the composition first of all reflects a very own approach mixing industrial with electronics and other elements such as tribal and ritual music. The production of the vocals is quite important. The artist’s way of singing has something shamanic, inviting his followers to join in for a dark and industrial transcendental trip. It’s a scary adventure accentuated by some lyrical, disclaiming passages like ‘this is a terrible place to live in’ on the title track. The last part of the album is absolutely worthy of examination and leading the listener into a total apotheosis. 

– – – : Deutsch Nepal is a project that never stops to evolve and this new opus again sounds as a truly masterpiece. 

Conclusion: Deutsch Nepal moves back to early industrial music, which has been mixed with a very personal and contemporary touch. The result is a fascinating sonic travel. 

Best songs: “Staring At My Wall”, “Pasolini”, “Let Go And Slip Away”, “These Eyes I Found Upon The Hills”. 

Rate: (8½). 




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