V/A Homo Strepitus (CD Album – Entartete Musikk)

By Nov 16,2019

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Genre/Influences: Dark-ambient, industrial, ritual. 

Background/Info: Entartete Musikk is the music label set up by Deutsch Nepal’s Lina Baby Doll. He mainly releases his own work, but gives also attention to other formations. This compilation featuring eight projects seems to be the first sampler ever released by the label. It has been introduced as ‘the result of a thematic raw material forwarded by Lina Baby Doll to the musicians – given free hands for their personal aesthetic decisions in the process of their creativity’. 

Artists: Horse Give Birth To Fly, Brighter Death Now, Trepaneringsritualen, Raison D’Être, Reutoff, Deutsch Nepal, Morthound, Kollaps

Content: It all sounds like the artists have been selected with care while most of them are also related with Deutsch Nepal. There’s a perfect twist between dark-ambient and industrial music styles. Horse Give Birth To Fly is not the most common name from the list and yet an interesting opener mixing the main influences running through this work. There also is a surprising cut from Brighter Death Now –which has less in common with the familiar death-industrial style. Trepaneringsritualen injects the ritual touch to the album. Deutsch Nepal moves on in the industrial approach featured at the last album. There also is a great cut by Morthound, which is a project I haven’t heard since several years. And there’s of course one of the absolute masters of dark-ambient music: Raison D’Être! 

+ + + : The tracklist doesn’t only reveal great names, but there’s an interesting cohesion between the bands and their tracks. This compilation has something original and it’s fascinating to discover the tracks by Brighter Death Now and Morthound. There is also a certain industrial ‘intelligence’ featured by artists such as Deutsch Nepal and also Reutoff (it’s not a coincidence they both worked together at the album “Eating The Dust” released in 2018). 

– – – : There’s no real cut to throw away although I expected a bit more from Raison D’Être and that’s probably because I’ve always considered this artist as the absolute reference when it comes to dark-ambient music. 

Conclusion: Compilations are no longer successful, but there’re always a few a year bringing something extra for their originality. “Homo Strepitus” is one of them!

Best bands: Horse Give Birth To The Fly, Deutsch Nepal, Morthound, Trepaneringsritualen. 

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