Daniel Hall – Anomaly (CD Album – Daniel Hall)

By Nov 16,2019

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Genre/Influences: Synth-pop.

Background/Info: Australian synth-pop artist Daniel Hall seems to never stop writing new songs. A few months after his previous opus (cf. “Elevate”) he’s already back with twelve fresh songs, “Anomaly” being the man’s twelfth full length. And just like previous releases he also made a clip of each song; the clips being featured on an extra DVD. Daniel Hall is taking care of every little detail and even the landscape painting inside the album. 

Content: If you’re familiar with the sound of Daniel Hall “Anomaly” doesn’t have many surprises to offer. It’s a well-crafted and sweet-sugar like electro-pop work. The songs are mainly dreamy, but feature a few sensual passages. Daniel Hall is also used to bring a few harder cuts. I especially want to mention “I Hunger For You” as most noticeable track in this format. The vocals are quite ‘classical’ as well, revealing Daniel’s sweet and somewhat sensual way of singing. The last song is an acoustic version of “The Main Attraction” featuring guest vocals by ‘Zeus’. 

+ + + : Daniel Hall’s releases always reveal a high degree of professionalism. This aspect that comes through in every little detail from the production; from the songwriting to the recording to the artwork to the clips. But the main reason why we want to buys a CD is for its content! Daniel Hall moves on writing delicate electro-pop songs with a typical dreamy touch on top. I again prefer the ‘harder’ cuts (cf. “I Hunger For You”), but I also enjoyed the sexy-like “Sleeping In Snow” and “Unleash The Dragon” for its great bass line. 

The clips are pretty recognizable as well and reveal a mix of cool effects and sensual models. I especially recommend the clips of “Sleeping In Snow” and “I Hunger For You”. 

– – – : The main challenge with a prolific artist is to hold the attention of his audience. And especially when the sound formula remains pretty similar. Daniel Hall doesn’t really experiment with new ideas and simply moves on writing the music he likes: sensual, sweet and dreamy synth-pop music. The point is that it all starts to become a bit predictable. 

Conclusion: The previous album “Elevate” was my personal favorite one while “Anomaly” sounds like an artist who switched on the autopilot. This is my way tickling the artist to experiment with new ideas!

Best songs: “I Hunger For You”, “Whatever, Wherever”, “Sleeping In Snow”, “Unleash The Dragon”. 

Rate: (7).



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