Degenerated Sequences – Stranger To My Self (EP – Degenerated Sequences)

By Mar 6,2020

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Genre/Influences: Dark-electro, EBM.

Format: Digital.

Background/Info: Yiannis Chatzakis is a Greek musician based in Crete and active as the keyboardist in the renowned formation PreEmptive Strike.01. But he’s also busy with his solo-project Degenerated Sequences. A self-titled debut album got released in 2016 on Advoxya Records. The project is now back on track unleashing five self-released new songs.

Content: The basis of the work remains dark-electro inspired, but the main difference with the “Degenerated Sequences”-album is the mix with some ‘pop’-like arrangements. The opening song of the EP reveals this evolution, mixing dark-electro vocals, sequences and drum programming together with a more evasive ‘pop’-like lead. Only the two last cuts are more powerful and still elaborated, featuring filtered sequences and a heavier danceable kick.

+ + + : Degenerated Sequences remains a unique formation in its genre, but the question is what music genre this band is dealing with? It more sounds as a hybrid between dark-electronics, EBM and electro/future-pop. I like the way the vocals have been produced; dark-electro minded although not saturated with distortion. Both of the last songs “Stranger To My Self” and “Never Die” reveal the true potential of the project. Both songs are more sophisticated and dynamic.

– – – : I think the sound production could have been more professional and especially with the percussion. That’s maybe intentional because of the ‘poppy’ flavor the songs have been supported with, but I didn’t hear a climax.

Conclusion: Degenerated Sequences has something atypical for the ‘pop’ element hanging over the songs. It’s a sexy approach in the dark-electro genre, which now has been boosted.

Best songs: “Stranger To My Self”, “Never Die”.

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