Dead Souls Rising – Isadora (Album – Dead Souls Rising)

By Jul 9,2020

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Genre/Influences: gothic, dark-wave.

Format: Digital.

Background/Info: Set up in 1993, French formation Dead Souls Rising released two noticeable albums “Ars Magica” (1995) and “Scented Garden” (1997). Another –and mainly live album “Clepsydre 1993 – 1999” was released in 1999 and then the band stopped its activities. Two decades later core members Alastrelle Delyon (vocals) and Sébastien Ficagna (music) reactivated Dead Souls Rising unleashing the album “Isadora”.

Content: Alastrelle’s particular and magic timbre of voice has remained pretty intact. She injects passion, emotion, mystery and sensuality into the work. Sound-wise the title song opening the album reminds me of the early work of the band. This is great guitar-wave reflecting sadness, magic and dance. But I can’t say this song is fully representative for the rest of the work. There for sure is some melancholia and sadness running through the work, but Dead Souls Rising progressively experiments with other influences, like revealing new and more contemporary ideas. The style is somewhat rock and goth like with the heavenly vocals on top.

+ + + : The title song of the album is a true masterpiece reminding me of the original grace and power of this band. The song is filled with passion, power and melody. It has an elevating effect, which is only boosted by the beauty of the vocals. No doubt about it, the main strength of this album emerges from the vocal lines. It’s good to hear Alastrelle singing. She injects spirit and emotional touch to the work. Sound-wise you can immediately hear this band is a mature formation. The songs are well-crafted and accomplished and especially the guitar playing is an essential aspect of the work.

– – – : It’s often the same with comebacks, automatically you start comparing the new songs with the older stuff and you realize it’s different now. Don’t get me wrong, “Isadora” features a few good and beautiful songs, but never reaches the level of the band’s both debut albums.

Conclusion: “Isadora” reveals a few great songs, but unfortunately also a few forgettable ones.

Best songs: “Isadora”, “Alive”, “Lamento”, “Ailleurs In The Sky”.

Rate: (7).

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