DDDJMX – Oceaned (Album – DanceDelic-D)

By Jun 10,2020

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Genre/Influences: Electro-rock, funky, groovy.

Format: Digital.

Background/Info: DDDJMX is the meeting between two ‘giants’ from the Belgian music scene. DDD stands for Dirk Da Davo (The Neon Judgement, Neon Electronics) and JMX stands for Jean-Marie Aerts (producer, musician and of course involved long time ago with TC Matic). They previously released an EP and now achieved this full length album.

Content: “Oceaned” is a work mixing the influences of both musicians. Dirk Da Davo took care of the electronic loops and grooves while taking the vocals for him. Jean-Marie Aerts is playing guitar and added some bass as well. Most of the songs have something pretty funky, but in the end it all sounds a bit like a free-styled work. Some passages –especially at “New Normality” even have something cinematic-like.

+ + + : This work is quite surprising if you consider Dirk Da Davo is involved. This sound is far away from the coldness of The Neon Judgement, but sounds as the offspring of the groovy side of Neon Electronics mixed with the guitar playing of Jean-Marie Aerts. Some parts of the album make me think of urban-styled music. But it’s not that strange one of my favorite cuts is just a little darker and featuring more explicit electronic part (cf. “Ozz”).

– – – : I had some reservations reviewing this album or not because of its sound/influences. This is not exactly what I would call an underground or alternative release although it’s not commercial like. It might appeal for a very different audience, but I’m missing some of the cold-/darkness in it.

Conclusion: “Oceaned” is probably more an album that has to be seen as two mates making music and having fun together instead of an album that will enter into the Belgian music history… even if both members are already ‘history’!

Best songs: “Ozz”, “Bring It”, “We’re Slipping And Sliding”.

Rate: (6).

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