Dawn + Dusk Entwined – Crossed Paths (Album – Aube Et Crépuscule)

By Feb 10,2021

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Genre/Influences: Cinematographic, Electro-Wave.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: Dawn + Dusk Entwined has been active in between the late 90s and 2013. Driven by David Sabre, the project was mainly devoted to music styles such as Dark-Ambient and Martial music, releasing works on famous labels such as World Serpent and Cold Meat Industry. After a break of seven years the project unleashed a new opus in 2020, which has been introduced as totally different.

Content: David Sabre moved back to the 80s influences of his teen years. And that’s an element you directly recognize in the work. The strings supporting the production are pretty 80s like. The global production has something 80s Electro-Wave while the artist held on to his cinematographic approach. Both influences together create a minimal style with half-spoken like vocals on top.

+ + + : If David Sabre stopped composing it was because he was tired of the scene and the direction of his project. He in a way reinvented Dawn + Dusk Entwined, which is always a challenge. He not only reinvented the sound and approach of the project, but I think he also experimented mixing different genres together. The main influence remains Ambient/Cinematographic like, but with this Electro-Wave flavor on top. I enjoy the half-spoken like production of the vocals, which is totally matching with the sound.

– – – : The global production however sounds a bit simplistic. Film-related music doesn’t have to feature an endless number of layers, but a little bit more elaboration would have been a bonus.

Conclusion: Dawn + Dusk Entwined seems to have started a second life. I’m not totally convinced by this new work although I like the music approach.

Best songs: “The Breath Of Ishtar”, “Dédales”.

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