This Stranger Within – Terms And Conditions (Album – Chaostrophy)

By Feb 11,2021

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Genre/Influences: Electro-Wave, Dark-Wave.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: This Stranger Within is a side-project of Dawn + Dusk Entwined. Where the reactivated Dawn + Dusk Entwined mixes Dark-Ambient and 80s Electro-Wave influences, This Stranger Within is digging a bit deeper in the exploration of good-old 80s music. This debut album features ten songs inspired by ‘our contemporary apathy towards the invading technology, and the economical powers behind it’.

Content: “Terms And Conditions” indeed sounds pretty 80s-driven. It’s an Electronic composition, which however and for some songs reminds me of The Cure and Trisomie 21. It’s a cold, synthetic creation wherein the atmospheres are more important than items such as power and danceable vibes. One of the last songs is a cover version of Joy Division’s “Insight”. The vocals are perfectly emulating the sterile way of singing from the 80s. 

+ + + : This Stranger Within brings a very personal and intimate exposure of the 80s, which have been very important to the artist. The Joy Division cover is one of the best illustrations to hear this approach. The cold mood supporting the songs is the main characteristic and still strength of the work. “Freak” is my favorite song as it sounds a little bit more sophisticated and therefore more accomplished than the rest.

– – – : I would have liked to hear more elaborated compositions, the main part of the tracklist remaining pretty rudimentary. It all sounds like there’s less variation in the song writing.

Conclusion: This Stranger Within tries to bring the 80s New-Wave alive with a simple, moody production.

Best songs: “Freak”, “Choices”, “Dream Of Heroes”.

Rate: (6).

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