Dandelion Wine – Le Coeur (Album – Dandelion Wine)

By Oct 23,2020

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Genre/Influences: Ethereal, Cinematographic, Electro-Folk.

Format: Digital.

Background/Info: Australian combo Dandelion Wine is back on track. This Ethereal formation has already been busy for more than twenty years now, but “Le Coeur” is their first new album since 2010. Originally released as a limited CD edition in 2018 on the Lithuanian label Dangus, the opus is now available in a digital format featuring nine songs. The current line-up of the band consists of core members Naomi Henderson (voice, wind, electronics) and Nicholas Albanis (strings and electronics) plus Francesca Mountfort (cello and voice). The album also featured multiple guest musicians.

Content: Time seems to have no impact on the Ethereal and Folk-like composition of this band. When evoking Australia and Ethereal music Dead Can Dance comes naturally to mind. I’m not comparing this band to Dead Can Dance, but there clearly are some comparisons, especially in the use of authentic instruments creating a mysterious –and often Eastern-like, atmosphere. Some passages are into pure reverie, creating a strong Cinematographic feeling. Especially the last tracks from the album reveal the real potential of this formation.

+ + + : This album stands for an astonishing return, a true artistic creation mixing authenticity and sensibility. The work is enchanting and very intimate. The ethereal chants are leading you into a higher dimension, like a mystic meeting with nymphs. The cello and guitar both empower this surreal feeling, which comes to a climax at masterpieces like “Pilgrimage” (still released as single) and “Persistence Of Vision”. The last mentioned track also has something transcendental.

– – – : No real minus points to mention, expect this new edit is not available in a CD format.

Conclusion: Dandelion Wine strikes back with a bang! This album is a meticulous and detailed composition, which sounds like touched by the hand of Apollo… the God of music! This is for sure one of the best albums from this year.

Best songs: “Persistence Of Vision”, “Pilgrimage”, “One Of My Friendly Days”, “Le Coeur I – Gislebertus Hoc Fecit”, “Hall Of Leaves”.

Rate: (9).

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