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By Nov 6,2015

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Genre/Influences: Industrial body-pop, EBM.

CyferdyneContent: The Cyferdyne trio reactivates their “Keep Your Silence”-album with this “Break Your Silence”-album. The 2nd full length by the UK band got a successful response from its original release in 2014. Digital Audio World has now re-released the original album together with an extra disc filled with remixes. This extra disc is also available as digital album revealing 3 extra remixes (which have been added to the main disc of the CD release as well).

“Break Your Silence” reveals 9 previously unreleased remixes by bands like C-Lekktor, Die Sektor, Ginger Snap5, Terrolokauts ao. The bonus remixes at the digital format have been accomplished by Assemblage 23, Aesthetic Perfection and Phosgore.

The first part reveals a few interesting cuts, but no real potential hits. Panic Lift did an interesting rough pop inspired job at the remix of “Fracture” while “Visions” has been remixed by Terrolokaust in a kind of rock-pop style. The guitar riffs inject this rock-minded input.

Aesthetic Perfection remains a real genius formation and without a shadow of a doubt one of the growing sensations in the scene. Their techno-body remix of “Numb” is an absolute masterpiece.

Referring to masterpieces, the second part of the work reveals a few more outstanding remixes. Cygnosic, Ginger Snap5 and of course the powerful ‘rave’ minded remix of “Numb” by Noisuf-X are pure lust for the dancefloors, but the best is yet to come.

Assemblage 23 definitely deserves to get an award for the most inspiriting remix, transposing “Jigsaw” in to a great vintage-minded version while remaining totally dancefloor minded. This is one of the best Assemblage 23-remixes in history!

I also have to mention the great remixing skills of Phosgore, which again confirms to be one of the most talented artists from the Noisuf-X class. “Cables And Codes” sounds now like a pumping industrial rave-pop song. Last, but not least, C-Lekktor also confirms his growing talent remixing “Disease” into a heavy, haunting dark-electro version.

Conclusion: There’s a great electro diversity running throughout the remixes, but it especially must be a real pleasure for Cyferdyne to get such inspiring remixes from most of the bands.

Best songs: “Jigsaw – Assemblage 23 Remix”, “Cables And Codes – Phosgore Remix”, “Numb – Aesthetic Perfection Remix”, “Disease – C-Lekktor Remix”, “Numb – Noisuf-X Remix”.

Rate: (DP:8½)DP.


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