Cubanate – Kolossus (Digital EP – Armalyte Industries)

By Jun 13,2019

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Genre/Influences: Industrial, crossover.

Background/Info: Twenty one years after their last studio work under the Cubanate moniker, core members Marc Heal and Phil Barry are back on track unleashing new work. This EP features five new songs plus two remixes.

Content: Cubanate is back and the least I can say is that it doesn’t sound at all as this band has been inactive for more than twenty years. “Kolossus” still sounds pretty Cubanate like; a sound which is powerful, merciless and hard to define. The compositions sound like the offspring between multiple influences; a sonic fusion between industrial-, techno-, EBM and metal music. Aggressive sequences and some EBM-driven bass lines have been mixed with guitar assaults –which might appeal to KMFDM fans, plus the harsh screaming vocals of Marc Heal.

Remixes have been made by Rhys Fulber and Drownd.

+ + + : The violence emerging from this production is absolutely terrific. But there’s a perfect balance between the power and the different influences running through the work. Compared to the 90s productions of the band, this work maybe sounds a little tiny bit more electro-like and less metal-inspired. The five new songs are absolutely amazing. It’s an overwhelming production reminding me of an imaginary fusion between KMFDM and Empirion, but in the end it’s just Cubanate ano 2019! The songs are well-crafted, intelligent and literally exploding during the choruses –and I here especially refer to “Missing Persons” and “Vortex”.

– – – : When listening to this EP –which more appears to be a mini-album, you just want to hear more! The remixes are pretty cool as well, but not of a same level as the original songs.

Conclusion: I didn’t know what to expect from this comeback and I even was a bit skeptical. The result left me breathless and I even dare to affirm “Kolossus” is probably the best production I’ve heard from Cubanate! You guys rule!

Best songs: “Missing Persons”, “Vortex”, “Kolossus”, “Split Second”.

Rate: (9½).

The new EP (available here on MCD) contains five new songs plus remixes of the title track by Rhys Fulber (Front Line Assembly, Delerium, Conjure One) and DROWND.


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