Tomohiko Sagae – Entrainment (Vinyl 12” – Hands)

By Jun 13,2019

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Genre/Influences: Industrial-techno.

Background/Info: After having released his debut full length “Sensory Deprivation” on Hands (2017) this Japanese producer joined hands again with the German label to unleash a new 12”. Tomohiko Sagae has released an impressive number of EP’s over the past seven years.

Content: The 12” features 4 cuts, which are getting us back to the industrial-techno sound of the album. It’s techno music for dark souls and Tomohiko Sagae is clearly mixing an impressive industrial sound arsenal carried by heavy-danceable kicks. The last track “Defensive Pessimism” is a truly apotheosis to this hard-banging production.

+ + + : No doubt about it, industrial-techno is progressively becoming an established genre, which will seduce both audiences: the techno- and industrial people! Tomohiko Sagae belongs to this growing underground techno group. He even moves a step further than simply dark industrial-techno and don’t hesitate to mix a truly noise canvas with the pumping beats. It’s a dark and merciless production, but still a sophisticated production featuring little noises and effects. 

– – – : As for all music genres that are slowly gaining importance, there’s no longer the initial effect of surprise. I’m not affirming that this 12” is predictable, but it clearly brings nothing really new.

Conclusion: Tomohiko Sagae clearly stands for a true techno terrorist who’ll set industrial dancefloors on fire! Tora Tora Tora here’s a new and murderous sonic raid!

Best songs: “Defensive Pessimism”, “Side Effects”, “Black Mist”.

Rate: (8).


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