John Lord Fonda – Titanium (EP – A-Traction Records)

By Nov 5,2020

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Genre/Influences: Techno, Electro-Acid. 

Format: Digital, Vinyl.

Background/Info: French producer John Lord Fonda (real name Cyril Thévenard) gained some reputation releasing two albums and different EP’s on Citizen Records. It was a while ago we didn’t hear anything ‘new’ from John Lord Fonda, but “Titanium” has been announced as the first new EP in a series.

Content: This artist has been always driven by Techno vibes and his new work doesn’t sound that different. The song “Fear Of The Unknown” is the main song featured in 2 versions. The “Acidic Mix”-version is a judicious, pumping dance mix of techno vibes with Acid sequences. The spooky pitched and sampled vocal fragments inject some little extra on top of the song. Next to the other version of this track there also is a kind of B-side cut entitled “The Oxcart”, which sounds more into heavy Techno.

+ + + : John Lord Fonda is back and that’s a damned good thing. His debut album “DeBaSer” (2005) remains a great and somewhat visionary piece of music. Fifteen years later the Techno commitment of the artist remains intact, but I especially like the way he mixed his heavy dancefloor stuff with Acid sequences. I also enjoyed the harder, banging “The Oxcart”, which sounds more into ‘pure’ Techno, and it might be played on Industrial dancefloors as well.

– – – : “The Moogy Mix” of “Fear Of The Unknown” is not exactly a convincing edit. This new EP can’t however compete with the earlier work of the artist.

Conclusion: The main point we’ve to keep in mind is that this artist is back on track! I’ve already heard better work from him, but let’s hope he’ll only become better at the next EP.

Best songs: “Fear Of The Unknown – Acidic Mix”, “The Oxcart”.

Rate: (7).




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