Cold Therapy – Masquerade Infinite (CD Album – Advoxya Records)

By Mar 9,2016

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Genre/Influences: Dark-electro.

Cold TherapyBackground/Info: Jacek Wolański set up Cold Therapy After having left Traumatize. We welcomed the debut album “Embrace The Silence” (2013) released on Halotan Records. This opus got released already a while ago, but it finally reached our headquarters.

Content: This Polish artist achieved a real fascinating work dealing with a haunting format of dark-electronics. I don’t want to compare cold Therapy with Yelworc, but there’s a similar fascination to compose dark, haunting electronics. It’s a delicate work where the impact of the moody atmospheres appears to be more important than elements like power, harshness and speed.

“Masquerade Infinite” is a mysterious voyage throughout icy realms. The male vocals feel like symbolizing death and despair. The few spoken-like female vocals at “Mask Of Deceit” feel like an element of hope. The more you enter the universe of Cold Therapy the more it appears to be the sound for an imaginary, obscure rite.

The album ends by 4 remixes from which I especially recommend the one by Asseptic Room.

+ + + : Cold Therapy clearly strives to compose a personal sound. The haunting atmospheres hanging over the songs is poignant and definitely the main force and characteristic of this work.

– – – : This band appears to be on the good path, but still have to improve a few elements of the production. I think a bit more bombast and blasting sound treatments would be really cool.

Conclusion: Cold Therapy clearly stands for what you might feel and imagine when hearing this band name. We’re exploring the coldest and most spooky corners of dark-electronic music.

Best songs: “In Exelsis”, “Mask Of Deceit”, “Creature Of Masquerade”.

Rate: (7).

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