‘Click Interview’ with Winterhart: ‘Monumental-Industrial After 25 Years Of Electronic Music With Dance Or Die’

By May 22,2016

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WinterhartI always listen first to the music and next reading info about the band. I enjoyed the epic and bombast sound of the album “Ryk Of Glory” by Winterhart and I next got totally surprised to know that this ‘martial & neo-folk’ inspired formation was driven by Dance Or Die members Wagner and Falgalas. They made an impressive switch from EBM into neo-folk and martial music. “Ryk Of Glory” has been released on Danse Macabre and is a fully accomplished epic production. I got in touch with the band.

(by Inferno Sound Diaries)

Q: When did you get the idea to set up Winterhart and to experience with martial/neo-folk music?

Winterhart. Well Falgalas composed songs that transported ‘classix’ into ‘industrial’- music… great enough to write songs… So we added martial soundscapes on it and a new idea was born. Monumental-industrial after 25 years of electronic music with Dance Or Die.

Q: “Ryk Of Glory” clearly reveals a strong conceptual content. Tell us a bit more about it and what did you try to express on the album?

Winterhart: Although we were inspired by historical themes we tried to tell the listener about history repeating itself. The inspiration were monumental ‘cinamascope’ movies like “Ben Hur” and so on. The music was first and I just tried to tell a story around it. Most of the time the ideas came by listening.

Q: I noticed you recently did a first live performance with Winterhart. What have been the first impressions and what kind of live-show was it?

Gary Wagner: We actually have two keyboards and really big drums. I’m playing acoustic guitar and just singing. I think we can add more in our live shows later on.

Q: How did you get the idea making cover versions of Manowar and Joy Division?

Winterhart: We make covers of songs we love so we tried to make it our own style. It is exciting to hear the result.

Courtesy by Inferno Sound Diaries


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