Cirque D’Ess – Black Synthetic And Dense (Album – Cold Transmission Music)

By Aug 1,2021

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Genre/Influences: Dark-Wave, Ritual, Trance, Industrial.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: Set up in 2017 by the Italian duo Martina Ssam – Valerio Nubeat, Cirque D’Ess this year released their official debut album on Cold Transmission Music.

Content: It’s not an easy thing defining the sound of this formation as they’re intermixing an impressive number of influences in their music. There for sure is Dark-Wave element featured, but some sequences also have something pretty Trance-like while Ritual elements are emerging at some other parts. The female vocals accentuate the Ritual effect, like injecting a bewitching touch on top of the work. Icy Electronic sequences and guitar playing create this atmosphere, but you’ll also notice saxophone play on one of the cuts. Another track features spoken vocals (taken from an interview) by Lydia Lunch. Last, but not least there’s a remix by SYZYGYX.

+ + + : Cirque D’Ess is not exactly innovating, but they have a creative way to bring all their influences together. So in the end this album doesn’t sound cliché and average-like. It’s a great production revealing a perfect balance between fully accomplished song writing and passionate, bewitching vocals. I like the cold Electronic treatments running through the work while the guitar play is reinforcing the sound. A few cuts feature harsher Industrial arrangements, which are perfectly matching with the horror expression of the vocals at “The Neighbourhood”. 

– – – : Numerous great songs, but maybe not the ultimate hit. I honestly have no reason to complain.

Conclusion: Cirque D’Ess has accomplished a brilliant composition featuring numerous efficient songs. This band is a true promising newcomer and I’m really wondering about their evolution.

Best songs: “A Spooky Host”, “Farenine 514”, “Lydia for Frankie”, “Hole-Frog”, “A Spooky Host – SYZYGYX Remix”, “The Neighbourhood”.  

Rate: (8).


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