Cerulean Veins – Blue (Album – Cold Transmission Music)

By Aug 1,2021

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Genre/Influences: Cold-Wave, Rock-Wave.

Format: Digital, CD, Cassette.

Background/Info: Cerulean Veins is an American duo set up by married couple Dustin Frelich and Amanda Ashley Toombs. They’ve been active since 2013 and have released an impressive number of singles.  “Blue” is the band’s third album, which was originally released in 2020 on cassette format by Reclusion Records. Cold Transmission Music has now released the album as a CD.

Content: I never heard of this band before “Blue”. The work is merging different 80s related influences; from Cold-Wave reminding Joy Division for the guitar and The Skeletal Family for the energetic drums to Post-Punk and a kind of Dark-Rock. The work is diversified, the songs being often carried by strong choruses. Parts of the album also remind me of Placebo and the Belgian formation The Customs.

+ + + : “Blue” is a great and fully enjoyable work because of its diversity and especially the fusion of all influences. It takes off a rather dark and Cold-Wave style featuring great opening songs (cf. “Fell In Love” and “Hello, Darkness”) and progressively evolves towards a more Rock-Wave style (cf. “Ghost Memory” and “Dance In The Darkness”). The drums, played by a real drummer, inject a true boost of energy. Last, but not least I should say a good band always needs a great singer and Dustin Frelich definitely has a charismatic voice.

– – – : The artwork of this album looks pretty sober, maybe a little bit too sober although clearly matching with the title of the work; it looks simply blue.

Conclusion: This album sounds like a true revelation; Cerulean Veins is a band I can strongly encourage you to discover.

Best songs: “Fell In Love”, “Hello, Darkness”, “Dance In The Darkness”, “Boo”, “Ghost Memory”.

Rate: (8).


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