Viscera Drip – Perpetual Adversity (CD Album – Advoxya Records)

By Mar 10,2016

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Genre/Influences: Dark-electro.

Viscera DripBackground/Info: Viscera Drip has been set up by American artist Justin Thiele. After a real promising and accomplished official debut-album “Abattoir” (2014) the band stroke back during late 2015 by this new full length featuring a few, great surprises.

Content: From the very first notes Viscera Drip unleashes a hard and enraged electro composition revealing explicit samplings and ultra melodic passages. Some of the melodies remind me to Morticians for the kind of ‘funny-spooky’ line comparable to the tune of “The Addams Family”. This is not exactly the kind of lead I expect for a hard electro act. Quite progressively it all moves back to more familiar and efficient arrangements.

The work sometimes appears to be simple, but efficient. There’s no particular trick and no innovation, but the songs are well-crafted and into powerful, haunting electronics. Some songs make me think to a hybrid between Grendel and Suicide Commando. One of the main –and single, atypical songs is “Don’t Pray For Me”, which reveals great filtered sequences adding some diversity to the work.

The few surprises I was talking about consist of guest vocals by Jan L (X-Fusion, Noisuf-X) and Claus Larsen (Læther Strip). Both songs featuring those living legends of dark-electronics are quite successful.

Last, but not least the work features remixes by Ruinizer and X-Fusion. Jan L did an amazing job remixing “Fuck This Life” into a great and freaky piece of music.

+ + + : The pumping kick and hopping sequences inject a great danceable element to the work. Thiele made an excellent choice asking 2 great guest artists (singers).

– – – : Some of the melody lines during the opening cuts are not convincing at all, but it luckily concerns a few cuts.

Conclusion: Viscera Drip is an interesting band dealing with a familiar format of dark-electronic music. There’s less originality, but simply efficiency! I however belief that there’s much more creativity inside Viscera Drip than show at “Perpetual Adversity”.

Best songs: “Slaves Of No Hope feat. L Læther Strip ther Strip”, “A Stranger To Myself feat. X-Fusion”, “Don’t Pray For Me”, “Dear Enemy”, “Fuck This Life – X-Fusion Remix”.

Rate: (7½). /


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