Brass Box – The Cathedral (Vinyl Album – Dune Altar)

By Sep 17,2019

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Genre/Influences: Shoegaze, dream-pop.

Background/Info: Brass Box is a Los Angeles (USA) based formation, which is already active for a couple of years now. After having released a few singles they this year unleashed their debut album featuring ten songs. The album is available as CD-, vinyl- and digital format.

Content: I never heard of this band before and discovered an interesting mix between shoegaze and dream-pop. There also is a strong 80s touch covering some cold-wave influences. The female vocals have something fragile and sensitive, but the main characteristic of this album for sure is the guitar playing. The songs remain rather short and never move over the 4 minutes.

+ + + : “The Cathedral” is carried by strong guitar, which inject a real emotional flavor to the work. Another essential element is the production of the vocals that are sensitive and fragile.  The vocals also accentuates the delicacy of the band and their dream-pop inspiration. The songs have been remarkably built up and might remind you of the golden years of 4AD.

– – – : I regret there are no more songs featured on this work.

Conclusion: Brass Box is an interesting formation we better can keep an eye on. I’m really looking forward to discovering future work from this band.

Best songs: “DDM”, “Bats”, “Surrender”.

Rate: (7).


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