Body Divide – Pleasure From Pain (EP – Squarewav)

By Jun 9,2020

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Genre/Influences: EBM.

Format: Digital.

Background/Info: Body Divide is a new name active at the EBM fields. It’s an American duo featuring Cervello elettronico mastermind David Christian (music) and Shay C (vocals). “Pleasure From Pain” features five tracks.

Content: I didn’t know what to expect however the name of the project sounds a bit EBM-like. “Pleasure From Pain” is pure old-school EBM orientated with a real strong 90s taste. The bass lines and kicks are reminding me of the great days of 90s EBM. The songs are typical body-driven cuts, which will push you to dance. On top of it all you’ll notice icy synth lines. Nitzer Ebb might be a potential source of inspiration when listening to “How To Suffer”. The faster bass line and metal percussion both sound pretty familiar. The last song, which is a kind of bonus, is a “Club Version” of “How To Suffer”.

+ + + : This project deals with alluring, retro-minded EBM with a strong 90s taste. The songs are quite ‘classical’, but really well-crafted. The power emerges from the solid bass lines, danceable kick, but still the cold sound treatments. I really enjoyed these icy sound treatments. “How To Suffer” is for sure the most ‘cliché’-song from the tracklist, but still the best one! This is total energy!

– – – : The music sounds predictable and some vocal parts could be a little bit more powerful, but when you like good-old EBM, you simply don’t care!

Conclusion: Body Divide is a cool discovery in EBM land! This is good-old body stuff to make you move!

Best songs: “How To Suffer”, “How To Suffer – Club Version”, “No Turning Back”.

Rate: (8).


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