Body Beat Ritual – Instinct Primitive / Crash Report (Vinyl 12” – Haven)

By Oct 29,2019

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Genre/Influences: EBM, techno-body.

Background/Info: Body Beat Ritual is based in New Zealand, but grew up in the UK. This 12” is the second production by this EBM inspired project.

Content: The 12” features four songs. Each side features a title song plus one remix. “Instinct Primitive” clearly reminds me of some visionary EBM from the 90s and I immediately had Fatal Morgana in mind. Body Beat Ritual sounds darker and still driven by some technoid elements, but the good-old EBM emerges at the surface. The remix has been accomplished by VTSS.

The B-side features another old-school driven cut. “Crash Report” has been remixed by the excellent Blush Response.

+ + + : The fusion between old-school EBM and techno music became a rather familiar formula, which even contaminated the New Zealand border. I like the retro-EBM elements, which have something raw, minimal and yet intelligent. Among the remixes I especially like the minimalistic approach of Blush Response.

– – – : The remix from VTSS is less inspiring and that’s a pity as this Polish artist is able to do better!

Conclusion: This EP reveals two title songs, which stands for a mix between old-school (EBM) and modern (techno) electronics.

Best songs: “Crash Report”, “Instinct Primitive”, “Crash Report – Blush Response Remix”.

Rate: (7½).




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