Blakk Harbor – A Modern Dialect (Album – Blakk Harbor)

By Feb 9,2021

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Genre/Influences: IDM, Industrial, Experimental.

Format: Digital, Vinyl.

Background/Info: Greek artist Angelos Liaros (previously involved with Mobthrow) released in 2018 the brilliant debut album “Madares” on Ant-Zen. Two years later he strikes back with a new opus entitled “A Modern Dialect” featuring nine new songs. In between both albums he also released the EP “Krude”.

Content: This new opus moves on where “Madares” stopped; it’s a new sonic exploration of Electronics, which is related to IDM. The artist remains fascinated by the creation of analogue sounds, injecting magic and power to this work. The tracks have been progressively built up featuring multiple Industrial sound treatments. It’s a minimal production, which however is constantly accessible. The best cuts have been featured at the end of the work. The compositions become more danceable revealing some Trance structures. The last track is a restful apotheosis to a great work.

+ + + : Angelos Liaros is not the most renowned and familiar name from the Electro underground scene and yet I consider him as one of the most talented- and visionary ones. He already released genius work under the Mobthrow moniker, but is moving a step further with Blakk Harbor. He creates IDM with heavy industrial sound treatments, alternating dreamy pieces and harder, danceable and even transcendental cuts. “Fatal Addictions” and “Call+30-For Crisis” both reflect the sound intelligence of this artist. He creates an illusionary sonic universe many other artists can only dream of. It’s an overwhelming production and a technical prowess. Each song has been meticulously built up with patience and passion. If “Madares” was one of my favorite albums from 2018, “A Modern Dialect” is for sure one of my 2020 favorites.

– – – : I don’t see real minus points in this work; the last cut is maybe a little antithesis, but it can be also seen as an outro.

Conclusion: Blakk Harbor moves on exploring different paths of intelligent Electronic music. The artist holds on to his main influences, but he clearly avoids repeating himself. Respect!

Best songs: “Fatal Addictions”, “Call+30-For Crisis”, “Individualism Is God”, “We Are Disposable”, “United Conspiracy”.

Rate: (9).

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