Binary Park – Life On Lines (CD Album – Infacted Recordings)

By Jul 12,2018

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Genre/Influences: EBM, body-pop.

Background/Info: Binary Park strikes back with their third full length album in the band’s history. Driven by Infacted label owner Torben Schmidt (Lights Of Euphoria and Suicide Commando live keyboarder),  Alfred Gregl (who has been involved with an endless number of projects) and singer Huw Jones, this new opus appears four years after the “Singularity”-album.

Content: Binary Park has been always something part. It’s not exactly what you can call a ‘cliché’ band, but an intelligent music format composed with electro-pop and EBM influences. Some of the songs make me think to an imaginary crossover between Depeche Mode (for some vocal parts), Haujobb and Covenant. There’s a constant switch from electro-pop to EBM, but both elements are still coming together.

A few songs have been driven by energetic rhythms, others are carried by groovy sequences while a few other songs are featuring alluring EBM bass lines.

+ + + : I remember the magic from the first album “Worlds Collide”, which comes a bit back at “Life On Lines”. This is a styled and elaborated composition bringing different influences together. The songs have been accomplished with different great effects revealing all the intelligence and production skills of the band. Next to the music Huw Jones also is a talented singer who sometimes reminds to the sensuality of Dave Gahan. One thing is for sure, Binary Park is a formation with a very personal sound and musicians revealing themselves as great sound architects.

– – – : The complexity of the production is maybe a reason why some dark-electro pop lovers will turn their back to this great, but sophisticated work. Don’t expect Binary Park to compose mellowing melody lines and catchy, danceable pop-songs. I’ve to admit there’re just a few sweeter sounding songs, which aren’t my personal favorites.

Conclusion: Electronic music is sometimes comparable to mathematics; exact sciences where every single detail sounds right! That’s precisely what “Life On Lines” is all about!

Best songs: “Welcome Home”, “Cropper II”, “Machine Core II”, “Your Own Great Nation”, “How Strange”.

Rate: (8).

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