Atsushi Izumi – Verdigris (Digital EP – Thrènes Records)

By Nov 3,2019

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Genre/Influences: Industrial, industrial-techno.

Background/Info: Atsushi Izumi is a Japanese artist who has already released a few EP’s. His newest exposure entitled “Verdigris” is also available on vinyl while the digital format features one extra bonus cut. This EP has been introduced as an exploration of the human mind.

Content: Atsushi Izumi transposes his exploration into a sonic travel, which from start on is driven by heavy, industrial sound treatments. But you also notice the technoid touch, which is merging together. The rhythms are rather complex and irregular. Some passages are moving into heavy drones while other electronic treatments have something pretty IDM-minded. One of the songs is a remix by the Greek project ANFS.

+ + + : “Verdigris” is worthy of examination because this artist transposes industrial music into a parallel dimension. He doesn’t reinvent the style, but mix it up with techno, IDM, drones and electronic effects and experiments. The result is pretty coherent and reflecting some great sound intelligence. “Inimicus” and “Vacuum” both are brilliant and sophisticated pieces reflecting the rough danceable sound of the artist. I also have to mention the great remix of “Zeit” by ANFS.

– – – : I don’t see real minus points about this work except for maybe the original version of “Zeit” is less convincing than the remix by ANFS.

Conclusion: I here discovered a sonic genius who injects intelligence in the industrial music. I really hope to discover more work from Atsushi Izumi.

Best songs: “Inimicus”, “Vacuum”, “Zeit – ANFS Remix”.

Rate: (8).


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