Atrium Carceri & Cities Last Broadcast – Black Stage Of Night (Album – Cryo Chamber)

By Mar 7,2020

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Genre/Influences: Dark-ambient, dark-cinematographic.

Format: Digital, CD, Vinyl.

Background/Info: Simon Heath (Atrium Carceri, Sabled Sun ao) and Pär Boström (Kammarheit, Hymnambulae, Bonini Bulga ao) have already worked together on a previous album (cf. “Black Corner Den”) and another one with God Body Disconnect as an extra artist. They also did a few more albums together as Atrium Carceri and Kammarheit so both Swedes know each other very well.

Content: You don’t really get the feeling this album sounds like a side-project between label mates. There’s a true cohesion in the songs, which are mixing the dark-ambient and –cinematographic styles together. The songs have been slowly built up, progressively creating a haunting atmosphere, which feels a bit like announcing a disaster. Field recordings have been added to the writing. Some passages are accentuated by sad tunes leading the listener into an imaginary sadness.

+ + + : The main strength and characteristic of this album is the intimate mood created by both artists. Even if the tracks sound dark and supported with desperate atmospheres, there also is something evasive running through the composition. “A New Constellation” is a brilliant exposure of this inner feeling. There’s a touch of grace running through the album, which finally gave birth to a few beautiful tracks.

– – – : This is probably the best album released between both musicians. It however misses a total climax to speak about a genius work, but there’s magic vibes between Atrium Carceri and Cities Last Broadcast.

Conclusion: There’s strong chemistry between both artists, which resulted in a passionate and very personal production.

Best songs: “A New Constellation”, “Mind Turns To Night”, “Attic And Wormwood”, “All Things Nocturnal”.

Rate: (8).

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